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Training Marketing in Business.

We offer you a "Web 360" training in business for your employees or for you, business owners! Our training is provided by our expert and digital marketing strategist.

Who should attend?

  • You own a business and want to understand the mechanisms of paid and organic search engine optimization.

  • You want to train an employee to take charge of all aspects of marketing in your business.

  • You have a start-up ready to take off that requires expertise in paid search engine optimization.

  • You work within a company as a marketing coordinator.


Course content:

1) How to make your business viable on the "Big Google"?

2) Organic SEO "The big dream"

3) Creation of a Google email account "the well-kept secret"

4) Creation of an entity on Google business and management of the Company Sheet

5) Creation of a Facebook business page and synergy

6) Create an Instagram account

7) Creation of a Youtube channel

8) eCommerce "Choose the best platform for your needs"

9) Creation of a Google Ads account

10) Solid and relevant web marketing campaign. SEO referencing.

11) Triangular SEO

12) The different types of Google Ads campaigns scrutinized


         - Création d'une campagne on the research network

         - Création d'une campagne "Display"

         - Création d'une campagne "Shopping"

         - Création d'une campagne "Video"

13) Remarketing

14) Branding

15) Social media campaigns and niches

16) Facebook Marketplace

17) Introduction to Photoshop and Adobe Spark

18) Conclusion and Questions

Training in one month over a period of 40 hours

Base cost: $2700.00

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