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Social media management


Social media management is our business!

Whether it's for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or your Google Business listing, we'll impress your future customers with "PUNCHY!" posts.

Stay on top of the latest trends to showcase your products or services!

At Tic Tac Com, your valuable time counts for us!

Digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter) are today's most precise and segmented marketing tools ever designed. Every click, interaction, "like," comment, search, visited site, watched video, and scroll are carefully recorded to build a profile of your users. A user who, with the right approach and message, can potentially become a customer of your business.

We will work with you to define a goal that reflects the needs of your business. We will invest the time you don't have to create 50% more sales and conversions.

What we will put in place for you:

1 - Strategies for your social media

2 - Digital communication plan

3 - Facebook, Instagram and Youtube marketing campaign

4 - Content creation

5 - Influencer campaign

6 - Creating viral videos

7 - Analysis of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram references

8 - Targeted newsletter module

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