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Explainer video captures attention and gets your point across perfectly to your audience. Creativity and innovative animation techniques contrast with the classic approach to corporate video. As we have always said: "A picture is worth a thousand words!". We are the experts in the field with more than fifty productions to our credit. Your services and products will be highlighted in a few images!

steps for producing an explainer video

1 - Discovery


We'll work with you to learn everything we can about your business, which will help us refine your message and decide how we want to explain your product.

2 - The scenario

crayon papier.png

Once we've sorted the information, we'll send you a draft of the script including voiceover and video clips so you can get a first taste of our work.

3 - Storytelling


We will offer you a selection of professional voice actors.  Based on our experience, we will also offer you a voice that we believe is best suited for your type of business. From there, we'll record the voiceover and send you the file to listen to before moving on to the animation.

4 - Creation


Once our script is approved, our animation team will develop characters and images to include in your explainer video. These characters and backgrounds will be sent to you as still images for approval prior to animation.

5 - Entertainment

film reel.png

Once our script, voiceover, and characters are approved, our team  will disappear into the animation studio for a few weeks  to bring your story to life!

6 - The final version

CD enveloppe.png

Once your draft video is ready to watch, we'll send you a video file as an mp4 file to watch and share with your team. At this stage, we take care of any minor changes or updates. Once everyone is happy with the final product, your video will be delivered digitally, ready to be shared with the world!

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