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When you launch a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign on Google AdWords, your goal is to attract Internet users to your website and, ultimately, to make them buy your products and services. However, most Internet users do not make a purchase on their first visit to a site; they often leave… to better   come back! How then to attract them again? It's possible with remarketing!

Remarketing is an advertising delivery strategy offered by Google AdWords. Essentially, this strategy allows you to reconnect with an Internet user who has visited your site before, but has not made the conversion you expected from them, whether it is a purchase, a subscription to your newsletter, fill out a contact form, etc.

Thanks to remarketing, you can therefore reach Internet users who have already visited your website with a new paid advertisement that corresponds to their previous searches. You therefore increase your chances that these Internet users will come back to your site and finally move on to the next step: conversion!

Internet users targeted by remarketing are 70% more likely to make a conversion with you, that is, to buy a product or service that you offer.

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